Guest Lecture on 'A Manager Who Leads' for MBA 1st and 2nd year students - ABES ENGINEERING COLLEGE

Guest Lecture on ‘A Manager Who Leads’ for MBA 1st and 2nd year students

  • Date & Time:
    • September 08, 2018
  • Venue:

    SH 2, Raman block

The aim of this Guest Lecture is to explain the How to develop leadership quality  and at the same time Students will learn how to became a good manager.

MANAGER WHO LEADS – SHIFT YOUR MINDSET TO BECOME A MANAGER WHO LEADS: – Shift your mindset gradually toward seeing yourself as someone who: mobilizes and empowers others to create the future .TO SHIFT YOUR MINDSET: – It is critical to know your values, because they will influence the kind of future you can create and will guide and sustain you on your journey.A MINDSET is a habitual w MANAGERS WHO LEAD – WHAT SHOULD A MANAGER DO TO BECOME A MANAGER WHO LEADS • Managers should tap into their natural abilities to lead others to achieve goals/objectives • Managers should learn how to create a shared vision of a better future and mobilize individuals, teams and entire organisations to make a difference

RESULTS: Building organisation’s capacity to address challenges contributes to achieving results – it means better services that enhance outcomes.