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Financial Technical Analytics

  • Date & Time:
    • August 02, 2018
    • 1, 2 August 2018

Financial Technical Analytics

This Technical Analysis course is a 3 day course which provides you all the necessary information and guidance to analyse the market trends with certainty. It’s a comprehensive course which we believe will help you become a better trader and investor.

First two days will be spent on understanding key elements of technical analysis. On Day 3, we learn how to practically put things into action. You’ll be taught about making strategies in future and Options. A right strategy with right analysis can work wonders.

Post completion of the 3 day course, you’ll be given technical support for 2 months. During this 2 months you’ll get regular trades that we are making in our trading. At least 8 trades will be shared with you in the support period of 2 months. This course will make your life as a trader and investor much simpler and happier. You won’t have to rely on anyone for doing the trend analysis on index and stocks.