Digital Marketing

  • Date & Time:
    • August 26, 2018
    • 8.50 am
  • Venue:

    MBA Lab

Digital Marketing

Importance of digital marketing today has increased much fold. Nowadays, we are getting dependent on the technology to manage almost every aspect of our life. According to the market surveyors, 79% of the population opt for the online shopping. The Forbes Magazine reports that 82% of audience like to research online.

Now every business community is trying to reach the targeted audience through the online medium. And it is the digital marketing that had made it possible for them to target their customers. Even small businessmen house is planning to run digital marketing campaigns for the company and that’s why Industries and corporate needs trained manpower to run marketing complain successfully. That’s the course is designed in such a way it will surly develop a cutting edge among students to make their desired career in this era.