For developments in career interests and goals, students at department of business administration at ABES EC can be part of the professional clubs. To shape personal interests and hobbies, they can engage in one of the many social clubs here. ABES EC MBA Student clubs are run by students. They play an important role in the student life, and solidify the MBA experience. Campus activities are organised by MBA student clubs and help to sharpen their leadership skills.

Following clubs are currently active in the college –

Human resource (HR) Club

HR club focuses on developing HR skills and people skills of students.

Activities of the club – HR Quiz, Role plays.

Finance Club

Finance club focuses on students’interest in the area of finance.

Activities of the club – Business Plan Competition

Information technology (IT) Club

IT club is for tech geeks and students who find technology fascinating

Activities of the club – IT Quiz, Digital poster making

International Business (IB) Club

IB club is for students who are interested in international business and want to make a career in this area.

Activities of the club – Quiz, case study competition.

Cultural Club

Cultural club organizes variour cultural activities for MBA students.

Activities of the club – Mono Acting competition, Street plays, cultural competition, Dance and drama.

Music Club

Music club for students who love and enjoy music.

Activities of the club – Singing competition, Music based shows college Band.