Vision & Mission


Alumni Association aspires to be the central bridge linking ABESEC with its family of alumni attract them to the college and commit the alumni in realizing the goals and mission of the college. A lifelong connectivity between ABESEC and its alumni by building a strong cemented relationship among the students and alumni. Leverage the experience, exposer, capability and dedication of all alumni to commit and attract them to actively participate, promote, advocate and showcase alumni association as a partner of ABESEC.

Stay connected with the events and activities of alumni association.

Alumni Association provides a platform and networking for the alumni to stay connected with its ambassadors and advocate for ABESEC. Alumni Association encourages professional association and supports alumni programs, activities, facilities and services of the alumni and their life long affiliation to ABESEC.


  • 01Access & harness latest innovations and technology needs in engineering & marketing from specialists for the benefit of community in general & current crop of students in particular.
  • 02Get latest facilities like internship, jobs, and references for them and to bridge the gap between Industry and academia.
  • 03Impart current students with social, ethical & moral – values and imbibe in them a zest to do good to nation in particular & to the world society in general.
  • 04To foster, maintain, support and establish a lifelong mutual and beneficial bonding between ABESEC and its alumni and their family, across the globe and continually enrich the relationship with the alumni chapter.