Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  • PEO1:  To provide students with an educational foundation by making them aware of critical concepts, techniques & technologies that are relevant to achieving organisational objectives.
  • PEO2:  Develop and strengthen various professional skills such as team building, leadership, effective communication & presentation skills to better negotiate the potential complexities in organizations.
  • PEO3:  Critically analyze and adopt a creative thinking approach to provide ethical, innovative and credible solutions.
  • PEO4:  Students will learn to assess and evaluate business issues and practices from a local and global perspective.
  • PEO5:  To ensure the smooth transition from campus to corporate by developing industry ready professionals.

Programme Outcomes (POs)

    After completing this 2 year full time MBA program, the graduate will be able to:

  • PO1: Understand and assimilate the concepts and principles of various functional areas of management.
  • PO2: Apply the acquired knowledge & skills to resolve business problems.
  • PO3: Demonstrate critical thinking ability in formulating strategies and evaluating complex business issues.
  • PO4: Exercise leadership and team working skills required for accomplishing organizational goals.
  • PO5: Effectively construct and communicate logical relevant business information & maintain interpersonal relationship.
  • PO6: Make ethical choices & contribute towards development of the society.
  • PO7: Evaluate & apply the effective use of technology to optimize business performance.
  • PO8: Use entrepreneurial skills and innovative practices in setting up new ventures or startups.
  • PO9: Possess professional skills for employment and lifelong learning.
  • PO10: Synthesize knowledge & apply research skills for effective decision making.
  • PO11: Acquire and demonstrate analytical skills with in various disciplines of business.