Vice Chairman's message


Our full-time MBA program at ABES EC encourages students to critically evaluate how the world is changing, and to think about how businesses might respond. It is a chance to think outside the usual boxes of finance, or strategy, or accounting, and think more deeply about global change, and the business opportunities inherent in that uncertainty. We are entirely devoted to excellence in real-life executive development and as you prepare yourself for the next phase of your career, competition and markets do not guarantee progress. They are conduits for business advance. For business to drive progress, it is not enough to figure out how to address customer demands, excel in operations or comply with regulatory standards. Rather, business needs to know why it does what it does and at which value and costs to whom? This calls for the broadest appreciation of issues at stake and for leadership based on functional competence, self-awareness and moral judgment. Our MBA program is designed with these requirements in mind. They inform our choices of program content, teaching method, skill development and research agendas. We cater to select group of experienced, mature and globally minded participants and we offer real-life, complete industry integrated education with strong conceptual knowledge recognized for its direct applicability and impact. I am sure it will be an amazing place to learn, share, and connect with change-makers that are passionate about how business can reshape our efforts to make the world a better place.

Mr. Sachin Kumar Goel
Vice Chairman ABES EC MBA Program...Selective, Influential, Transformational! " Designed to develop influential business leaders "