IT Skills

In the present competitive era upcoming business manager is supposed to understand, and use IT resources extensively. The “IT SKILL” curriculum is catering exclusive features of MS-Office handling, as well as making students acquainted with dynamic IT enabled service environment. In order to fulfil all demands of industry, information technology knowledge has invoked our thought process and enabled ABES EC MBA department to take first step to start this complimentary course for MBA students. The course designed is such that it focuses on the tools which are frequently used while working in a corporate environment thus giving our students a significant edge in comparison to other students.

Following are some of the topics covered in our course:

  • Basics of MS word and its features
  • Become familiar with spreadsheet terminology
  • Putting of Formulas (single worksheet, multiple worksheets, across workbooks)
  • Enter various types of data into a worksheet
  • Work with formulas and functions
  • Create a simple chart
  • Format cells and ranges, Conditional work formatting
  • Using What if Analysis & Scenarios
  • Filtering Data using Advanced Filter Using Different Functions
  • Data Validations
  • Macros
  • V-lookup Functions, H-lookup Functions, Pivot Tables

The above tools have become a part of corporate working style thus making their knowledge more and more necessary for the students.